Accessing the Cluster

Who Can Use the Cluster?

You need an account/login specific to this cluster in order to use it. All accounts must have a sponsor from the Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences. A sponsor is either a faculty PI who has contributed nodes to the cluster (see list below) or the department appointed representative to the MPS Cluster Advisory Committee for MPS affiliates. MPS affiliates are students, postdocs or faculty in MPS who enjoy access to Peloton through the MPS share of the cluster (currently 4 nodes). Use of the cluster for instructional needs will also be approved by the department representative on the Advisory Committee. When requesting an account you will be asked to indicate the appropriate sponsor. The sponsor will be notified and will need to approve your request before an account will be made.

How to request an account
To request an account, please go to the CSE wiki page for Peleton and complete the request form:

List of Contributors to the Cluster
● MPS Division (4 CPU compute nodes)
● Physics Department (4 CPU compute nodes)
● LeePing Wang (8 GPU compute nodes, 24 CPU compute nodes)
● Davide Donadio (17 CPU compute nodes)
● Warren Pickett (4 CPU compute nodes)
● Louise Kellogg (4 CPU compute nodes)
● Sarah Stewart (264 CPUs; different configuration)