Graduate Education in High Performance Computing

Seminars on High Performance Computing

● Please join us for the first seminar on Friday September 30th from 1:30-2:30 pm in 360 Shields Library. This bimonthly seminar series will be focused on the “Userside of High Performance Computing”. The series will begin with the following proposed topics (each is one seminar) and will then expand based on the interests expressed by the audience:

● SLURM: batch queue submission, monitoring, etc...
● Git: software repository and more
● Makefile: improving your software compilation strategies
● Compiling: what options do I use when and why
● Optimizing code: can my code run faster?
● Profiling code: does my code scale to more cores?

The seminar will be cohosted by the Data Sciences Initiative and is open to anyone from the UC Davis community. It will be targeted at Graduate Student Level. The initial seminars will be presented by Bill Broadley, but other presenters can be suggested as the series progresses into other topics.

Presentations will be archived on the CSE Wiki Page.

Graduate Student HPC Researcher